Pneumatic UAV Launchers

An excellent method to launch UAV’s (military or civilian use) is to use a pneumatic launcher. OKT NORGE AS has developed several different types of launchers in co-operation with our customers.

The Pneumatic launcher program:

  • Good technical solutions, hence stable and predictable in use.
  • Straight forward to use, short set up and recharging time.
  • Pneumatic pressure gives even accelleration and less stress on UAV.
  • Easy to transport, can be mounted on wheels, trailer or truck.
  • Able to work in extreme weather conditions.
  • Check out the launch of the Meggitt Voodoo


OKT Norge AS has delivered a range of launchers to the market. Today launchers are custom made in close relation with customers.

Technical data:

Each individual launcher will vary

  • Runway 5-20 meter
  • Weight of launcher: 100-6500 kg.
  • Launchable weight: 10-300 kg.
  • Takeoff speed up to 80 m/s
  • Control panel with remote launch system


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  • CAC (France)
  • INTA (Spain)
  • SAGEM (France)
  • Norwegian Defense
  • Meggitt Aerospace (UK)
  • Dornier (Germany)

Contact information

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Hålandsvegen 28,

Tel: +47 81 57 08 88